DOCK Science Driven Materials

Wide range of process chemical solutions for your CVD/ALD application

Technological progress needs innovative partners: DOCK is a dedicated manufacturer of highest purity chemicals. Wether standard precursor chemicals, innovative molecules or custom synthesis, we have the perfect modules for your process.

As a science-driven company we are passionated in CVD/ALD precursor development from fab to lab. With our experienced R&D team we see any new precursor development as a challenge to be mastered.

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Si Semiconductor

Standard and innovative precursors for Si semiconductor manufacturing

DOCK offers you a wide range of standard precursor chemicals for Si semiconductor fabrication, plus a variety of novel precursors for SiGe and advanced doping. In addition, we supply low-k and high-k dielectric precursors as well as molecules for deposition of oxide and nitride material systems.

Examples of our range: TEOS, TDMAHf, TiCl4, TEMAZr, TDMASi, TMGeAs, TDMATi

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Compound Semiconductor

Full range of group III/V and II/VI plus broad dopant offering

The roots of DOCK go back to alternative group V chemistry, such as TBAs and TBP. Throughout our almost 30-year-long history, our offering for compound semiconductors has grown steadily. Today, we are the only one-stop shop for any kind of compound semiconductor deposition process. DOCK uniquely offers the full range of liquid/solid precursors and is constantly engaged in improving the purity of standard precursors, but also supplies improved molecules or completely new precursors for novel material systems (e.g. a range of Sc precursors for the growing field of AlScN semiconductors).

Examples of our range: TMGa, TEGa, TMIn, TMAl, TBAs, TBP, UDMHy, CBr4, DETe

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2D Materials

Seminal materials for new-generation devices

After the noble price was given “for groundbreaking experiments regarding the two-dimensional material graphene” a wide variety of 2D materials have emerged. The specific challenge with these materials is to find the right precursors enabling the deposition via CVD or an ALD process. Our R&D team is happy to accept new challenges and develop the right precursor for/with you.

Examples of our range: Mo(CO)6W(CO)6DiPSeBTMWBTMMoDETeMATe

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Novel ALD Precursors

Driving ALD to the next level – DOCK precursor solutions

In recent years ALD processes have gained tremendous interest. The number of material systems is constantly growing, hence the need for new precursors or molecules with enhanced deposition profiles. As a science-driven company we are passionate about ALD precursor development from fab to lab. With our experienced R&D team we see any new precursor development as a challenge to be mastered. Get in touch with us – we make your ALD project happen.

Examples of our range: TMAl, Mo(CO)6, W(CO)6, DiPSe, DTBS, DADI, BTBMW

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Custom Synthesis

DOCK enables novel precursors

Our DOCK Lab is the optimal breeding ground for innovative precursor ideas. We start from theoretical considerations and create the novel molecule in our R&D facilities. Whether it is driven by market needs, a specific customer requirement or within a research collaboration, DOCK Lab is always at your service for innovative molecule development or specific precursor purification.

Examples of our range: (Cp)3Sc, MeCpPtMe3

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