DOCK Science Driven Equipment

High-quality equipment solutions to maximize the precursor experience

Precursors are usually required in the gas phase. DOCK Precursors are either solid or liquid, hence for using in the process evaporation of the precursor molecule is required. This can be done through various methods: vapor draw, bubbling, direct liquid injection. We offer you specific solutions, precisely tailored to your requirement and the molecule.


Precursor Containers

Container options for precursor supply

Whether single connection ALD R&D ampoule or a dedicated bubbler style, DOCK offers the complete range of container solutions. We also have a number of standard cylinders available off the shelf. Customized cylinders or special solutions are available on request. All our containers can be adapted to your needs and can be equipped with various sensors to enhance the experience.

DOCK Ampoules

Many R&D deposition processes, such as ALD, require small precursor ampoules. DOCK AMPs are the right solution for this application. DOCK AMPs are available in various standard sizes (custom sizes are available on request):


50 ml ampoule


190 ml ampoule


900 ml ampoule

All ampoules are available with high-temperature or pneumatic valve options.

DOCK 10-Series

The cylinders in the DOCK 10-series are designed for standard high-purity metalorganics. Ranging in volume from 150 ml to 56,000 ml, they are suitable for all group III, the majority of group V, dopant, ALD and CVD chemicals. The DOCK 10-series features a dual-valve configuration, while the DOCK 20-series comes with an additional cross-over valve for more efficient line purging. In series 50 setup, the cylinders are provided with a dual containment valve. Bubblers of this series have a flat bottom, and all types of cylinder are internally electropolished. All cylinders are also available with pneumatic control or in high-temperature configuration.

DOCK Heatexchangers are available for selected dimensions of this series.

DOCK 100 Series

The DOCK 100 series is a higher quality containment specially designed for metalorganics available in EPIGRADE™ purity. Not only are these bubblers electropolished, and to a higher standard, but uniquely, so is the final orbital weld, making this series the ultimate in bubbler manufacturing technology. In addition, it includes a 200-version purge valve configuration for all sizes. The DOCK 100 series starts with a 400 ml volume and goes all the way to 8,000 ml. All cylinders are also available with pneumatic control or in high-temperature configuration.

DOCK Heatexchangers are available for selected sizes in this series.

DOCK OEM containers

Many tools require dedicated containers designed to fit precisely into the tool’s gas cabinet. DOCK is a qualified supplier of various OEM tools and is able to handle, service and offer special tool containers.

DOCK custom solutions

In addition to our standard range, we offer special tool-related cylinders as well as custom builds (such as bubblers in higher-alloy steel or special sizes).


Heat Exchanger

Enables larger cylinders in MOVPE

Due to space constraints in MOVPE deposition equipment, the size of chillers containing the bubblers is limited. This means that the typical size for on-board bubblers of MOVPE tools is limited to no more than around 4 l. DOCK Heat Exchangers enable you to use bubblers of up to 20 l within MOVPE tools, thus improving the CoO (Cost of Ownership) and reducing bubbler exchange procedures.



Improve your process by built-in sensor solutions

Today, deposition processes sometimes run at extreme levels and require stable molecular evaporation rates from bubblers. Here, temperature, pressure or fill-level sensors can help to improve these processes and increase efficiency. Please get in touch with your DOCK representative to discuss available sensor options for your container.


Bulk Distribution Systems

Advanced system technology to optimize your production processes

In collaboration with specialized equipment companies, DOCK can offer you an optimized and appropriate bulk distribution solution for any precursor molecule. Whether automatic liquid tool container refilling or central evaporation units, we can support any needs.