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Si Semiconductor

Standard and innovative precursors for Si semiconductor manufacturing

DOCK offers you a wide range of standard precursor chemicals for Si semiconductor fabrication, plus a variety of novel precursors for SiGe and advanced doping. In addition, we supply low-κ and high-κ dielectric precursors as well as molecules for the deposition of oxide and nitride material systems.

Examples of our range: TEOS, TDMAHf, TiCl4, TEMAZr, TDMASi, TMGeAs, TDMATi

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Si based integrated circuits

1.1. SiGe

SiGe compounds allow higher clock speeds of MOSFETs due to enhanced electron mobility by straining the Si channel. This is achieved by etching the source and the drain Si region, following a filling of SiGe by a CVD process. Co-doping is required to decrease the contact resistance in modern devices. Moreover, the lower band gap provides a lower junction leakage. The SiGe compounds enable the fabrication of HBTs for application in high-frequency devices.

Examples of our range: GeCl4, IBGe, TMGe

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1.2. Low-Temperature SiNx/SiO2

Low-temperature growth becomes more important in today’s semiconductor industry due to the application of several temperature-sensitive materials. SiO2 and SiNx are used as passivation, insulation layers, and hard masks in various devices. Plasma-enhanced CVD processes may be employed for deposition temperatures below 300 °C.

Examples of our range: TEOS, TDMASi, BEMASi, DiPASi, SiCl4

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1.3. Etch Hard Mask Material

Etch hard mask material is a method for wafer patterning below 70 nm. An amorphous carbon layer is deposited by hexene, which exhibits a high etch resistivity.

Examples of our range: Hexene, Pentane, CBr4

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1.4. Doping (Group VI Dopants)

Advanced doping of SiGe is attracting increasing interest not only from an academic point of view but also for the industry. The key is finding an optimal ligand structure for the desired molecule, having decomposition characteristics, parasitic effects, and doping efficiency in view. DOCK is very active in JDP’s on novel dopant molecules for next-generation devices.

Examples of our range: TBP, TTMSiP, TTMGeAs, TBAs, TDMASb, TTBAl, TTBGa, TMBi

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