Marburg, Germany, September 14, 2023, Dockweiler Chemicals, the partner for the global semiconductor and electronics industry for 20 years, is on a growth path. The highly innovative company is a specialized manufacturer of ultra-high purity compounds that find their application in high-tech processes.

AI, augmented reality, IoT, edge computing, enhanced connectivity—microchips in smartphones, computers, televisions, refrigerators, or wearables are getting ever smaller and at the same time increasingly powerful.

These components require precursor materials with an extremely high degree of purity. Only few companies are able to supply process chemicals of the outstanding quality produced by Dockweiler Chemicals. Together with the world’s leading semiconductor companies, the specialist manufacturer is working to unlock the maximum potential for cutting-edge microchip architectures and electronics.

“Our goal is to enable future technologies with innovative molecules”, explains Dr. Arnd Greiling, CEO of the company. “The wishes and requirements of our customers are our top priority here,” Greiling continues.

Due to high international demand, the company is increasingly expanding production capacities at its main site in Marburg and is currently realizing a threefold increase. Further expansion in the USA is in the planning stage.

In addition to the semiconductor industry, the main customers are from the LED, photovoltaic and energy sectors, including well-known global corporations. Dockweiler Chemicals’ product range is also used in modern radar systems, laser technology and sensor technology.

“The relaunch of our company brand, DOCK, represents another milestone in our development. We are on a growth course and want to make this visible.”, explains Managing Director Dr. Jörg Koch. The new branding was developed by SMACK Communications, which has worked for the company for over ten years.