High Performance Process Chemicals for CVD Applications

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Premium Equipment Overview

By DockChemicals

High-quality equipment solutions – for highest productivity

Among the DOCK/CHEMICALS solutions are entire equipment facilities for a secure transport of process-chemicals – from high-quality stainless steel bubblers to compatible heat-exchangers.

Stainless Steel Bubbler

Three different types available:

Type 50

  • Standard Bubbler Quality
  • EG – Electronic Grade specified
  • Single Valve Configuration

Type 100

  • Superior Bubbler Quality
  • EPIGRADE™ specified
  • Single Valve Configuration

Type 200

  • See Type 100
  • Block-Valve Configuration for purging option

Different Volumes available
Net fill vol 150 ccm to 56l


For Bubbler Types 100/200

Stainless steel TP316L (Cr17Ni12Mo3)
  • Thermal insulation
  • Designed for bubbler sizes >3000ccm

Connectable to thermostats, equipped with circulator pump Supplied with cooling-liquid by the connected thermostat Request flexible diptube and outlet-connections