High Performance Process Chemicals for CVD Applications

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Worldwide Services Overview

By DockChemicals

Global support based on competence and experience

DOCK/CHEMICALS provides clients in Asia, Europe and USA with a comprehensive, on-site service – from customized chemical and equipment solutions, to complete supply chain management and a full-service technical support.

The individual demands of our clients are in accordance with all our services. These are always based on your company’s processes and requirements, and not the other way around. This also holds true for the development of our products as well as our services.

DOCK/CHEMICALS stands for flexibility and effective solutions around high performance chemicals for CVD applications.

Reliable. On-time. In-budget.

Customized Chemicals

Chemical compounds precisely designed for your individual process

DOCK/CHEMICALS are ultrapure process chemicals for CVD applications, such as compounds of:

  • III/V (As, P, N, …)
  • II/VI (S, Se, Cd, …)
  • Transition Metals and Rare Earth …

DOCK/CHEMICALS  offers commissioned synthesis and refinement, as well as handling, storage, transfilling, dispatch and waste management of toxic, pyrophoric and corrosive chemicals.

Customized Equipment

Premium Equipment customized to your company needs

DOCK/CHEMICALS offers development and manufacturing of custom-designed cylinders/ bubblers for liquid, solid and highly viscous low-vapor-pressure compounds.

Supply Chain

Transfilling processes

  • Batch and/or lot-based transfilling for:
  • Toxic
  • Pyrophoric chemicals
  • Corrosive chemicals, such as POCl3, SiCl4 …… (in development)
  • Warehousing

Packaging and dispatch services

Transfilling technology

  • Based on MOCVD-technology
  • Product dedicated transfilling unit
    • Getter cleaned N2 or H2
    • Routine He-leak-testing
    • Stainless-steel 316L orbital welded tubing
    • Electropolished diaphragma-valves
    • Filling by pressurizing – no pumps etc.
    • Automated regeneration processes

Outgoing inspection and shipping

  • Filled cylinders are tagged
  • Visual inspection
  • Check for filling accuracy
  • Purchase order, customer, quality
  • Labeling on Cylinder
  • Transport documentation
  • Complete combination packaging
  • Cylinder tracking

Transfilling keypoints MOCVD-platform!

  • Final step in processing – MOST IMPORTANT
  • Highest value
  • Any individual failure => highest cost
  • Most critical process step
  • Mentality and commitment for quality
  • Experience – since 1994 „no white powders“

Technical Support

dockchemicals_services_cylinder_refurbishmentTechnical full-service and comprehensive cylinder management

DOCK/CHEMICALS Dockweiler Chemicals is offering state-of-the-art comprehensive technical services for bubbler and related technologies – from refurbishment and transfilling, to distribution and disposal of the bubbler.

For your indivual request, please contact our service center.